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Re: APX encryption

Post by motorola_otaku » Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:20 pm

slyons01 wrote:Is it true the APX 8000 / 8500 come with free encryption?
The P25 CAP (compliance assessment program) team recently mandated that for a radio to be certified as compliant it HAD to include AES-256 at no additional cost IF the radio was manufactured to be encryption-capable. All APX radios except for the 1000 and 1500 are encryption-capable (there is no MACE delete option) so yes, any new APX manufactured going forward will include single-key AES. Multikey and OTAR are still cost-add flash options.

Source: https://www.rrmediagroup.com/Features/F ... ls/FID/795
Motorola Solutions made P25 CAP-compliant radios available with no encryption or with the AES encryption option. Customers who previously purchased ASTRO APX radios can upgrade their current radios with no encryption capability or with encryption other than AES 256 to add AES 256. The customer would order a T7936 upgrade kit, which includes one CD and one subscriber upgrade manual, along with the quantity of AES software upgrades that corresponds to the number of radio units the customer wants to upgrade. This kit would then be sent to the customer to load the software into the individual radios in the field via connection to a PC and a Motorola KVL unit. The APX 1000 and APX 1500 do not have the ability to ship with encryption software and are not upgradeable.

Customers with XTL/XTS 5000 and XTL 2500 subscribers with MACE UCMs and with firmware version R07.xx.xx or higher can upgrade their subscribers. The XTS2500, 2000, 1500 or the XTL1500 do not have the capability to be upgraded in the field. If the customer does not have a KVL unit, the Motorola Solutions sales team can help order one.

To ensure that customers are informed that AES 256 encryption is required for P25 CAP compliance for encrypted communications, Motorola Solutions’ internal ordering information used by all the sales employees and Motorola online system ordering information will clearly state that AES 256 encryption is required for P25-compliant encrypted communications.
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