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Motorola Micom 2 mic/speaker audio

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:21 am
by Jay
Ok - I will bite and write the first message in the Micom forum.

I have been using a couple of Micom's for a while. I started with a 2BF and now am using a 2ES. It is easier to navigate around on the 2ES. I have been using it mostly on PSK and JT modes with a Signalink USB interface. Luckily my radios came with heads on them - but props to Mancow for all of his work on the headless radios a while back!

My questions for the group -

I have been stuck with the stock microphone, and have actually used the MTR2000 test microphone with it and just had average results. Does anyone have a microphone that they particularly enjoy that does well?

You can't turn the volume down low enough sometimes (I run it at home). Has anyone used a particular external speaker or come up with a method to get the lowest volume down even lower? I've toyed with adding a switch on the side to cut the speaker output when I just want to run digi modes, but not listen directly.

Re: Motorola Micom 2 mic/speaker audio

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:17 pm
by NavyBOFH

These are all issues we have been looking at with the 500E units we are trying to get running here. The GM series mic was supposed to work if you disabled the hang-up box function to the mic hanger on the back (we tried clipping the wire) but no luck so far.

The Motorola FMN1615A mic was listed as the following when originally shipped:
FHN5910A – Micom 2 Mic Mod

...where FHN5910A was the adhesive insulator to prevent the hang-up box function from working.

So in theory a HMN3596A microphone should work with some small modifications but it seems to be a huge debate among users. At my employer we bought a dozen of the mics specifically for this project so we WILL find a way to make sure they work... with the MCS2000 head project hopefully fixing the second issue for us.

Re: Motorola Micom 2 mic/speaker audio

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:30 am
by Jay
Glad to hear that I am not alone in some of these quirks.

The MTR2000 microphone I mentioned is GMN6147B. It performed about as good (or bad) as the stock Micom microphone. I have seen some desk mic's out there too but don't know anything about them. I tried CDM / Maxtrac style mic's before I tried to read up on things to learn quickly that they would PTT, but that was it.

Good luck with your MCS2000 heads...Looking forward to other discussion about these unique units.

Re: Motorola Micom 2 mic/speaker audio

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:04 am
by NavyBOFH
I have a Desktrac style desk mic sitting at work which I am meaning to try as well once I get to it...

The head project will be put on here as well. George Csahanin (W2DB) had made some real progress with it from the days and has linked me to the project files which I am going to see if I can host on here a little more organized with a GitHub repo or something of the sort.

As for my actual Micom units... it seems like they ALL are having harmonic filter BITE errors... which sounds like either the previous users blew out the pin diodes, or its a known issue with the 500E models with SGC amps. I (somewhere) have a list of all known false errors in the units and how to perform the BITE... but it has gone missing. Sadly Elbit/Mobat rushed these units together and instead of fixing the known issues via firmware they performed some modifications to the LORD board and then said "run BITE in low power mode only and ignore these errors".