Motorola RIB box (RLN4008A) mods

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Motorola RIB box (RLN4008A) mods

Post by Notarola » Sat Feb 25, 2017 6:04 pm

There have been a few issues with the Motorola RIB box not performing well on some older radios. In some cases the trouble was caused by how the hardware interpreted the in coming/ out going data wave forms. This issue was addressed by making the modifications below. I modified my RIB years ago and have never had an issue programming any Motorola product requiring a RIB.

Here are the changes made. Please note this is not my work and all credit should go top the person who figured out the mods, I am sorry I no longer know who that was.

R1 4.7k - 9.1K
R2 20K - 47K
R3 4.7k - 10K
R4 4.7k - 9.1K
R9 4.7k - 10K
R10 4.7k - 10K
R11 2.0k - 1k
R12 4.7k - 10K
R14 2.0k - 1.5k
R17 4.7k - 20K
rib box mod.jpg
This is the schematic with the modified parts.
rib box mod.jpg (178.77 KiB) Viewed 1144 times
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