RoIP Setup using Zello over 2way

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RoIP Setup using Zello over 2way

Post by ASRM » Fri Mar 03, 2017 11:12 pm

I am working on a project for myself personally (Australian Shepherd dog rescue covering 3 states), I am attempting to hook Zello up to a Motorola PM400 (UHF Control Station) that would than use my Part 90 repeater.

I purchased a Radio-Tone RoIP-1 controller off fleaBay and also the Accessory Connector Adapter they sell. I can get the radio to TX when a Zello Smartphone user keys, and also get the RX from the radio to play over Zello but the audio TX and RX audio are very noisy and tend to loop. There is a GMRS system in IL that is using a similar setup and it seems to work well, though the owner is for some reason unreachable.

Using the Zello PC app as a user and not a gateway since the gateway setup only allows 10 users and we have 20+ volunteers I want to allow access over the repeater as needed. Basically using the Zello as an out of area method to contact myself and others in the admin area. Eventually if I can get it to work without issues, I am hoping to tie it to a repeater in Chicago since my area and Chicago are our 2 largest regions.

Has anyone played with or used Zello's system? I am open to other RoIP networks, but simplicity and operability of smartphone apps is crucial since these are non-radio users.

I did order Radio-Tone's other setup of the smartphone/wifi walkie-talkie with Zello pre-installed and their repeater controller that is supposed to act similar to the controller. This is all gear from RadioShop888 out of Hong Kong.

If I posted in the wrong section, apologies, figured this might fall under networks.

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Re: RoIP Setup using Zello over 2way

Post by z39SD » Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:28 am

I'm not familiar with the Zello product. Look at the PC mixer settings, set all audio input controls to Zero, Bring up the gain on one input at a time with all the other inputs set to zero. PC audio chips have a input to output mixer path that may be causing the issue. This is not well documented on some mixer chips. Look to see if there is a loopback setting on the Zello and try disabling it. Hope this helps.
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