NXDN 4800 baud

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NXDN 4800 baud

Postby Notarola » Tue Apr 10, 2018 4:22 pm

I have a local NXDN 4800 baud system We are looking at testing. I am considering ICOM rather than Kenwood for several reasons. I am thinking of the Icom F-5161. before I spend some budget money on hardware I have a few questions.

will the radio chosen do NXDN multisite 4800?
will it scan TGs
Aside form the software and cables is there anything else needed to program it?
We can contact the sys admin for a key if a key.
If they dont already have a Icom key are keys available (we can provide required documents to Icom)

If Icam is not the best option what other make aside from kenwood would be something to look at?

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